Flagship Superyacht Recruiting Website

As part of Top Echelon’s Web Design Team (at Patriot Software), I was the lead designer and developer on this website for our customer, Flagship Superyacht Recruiting.

The customer wanted a site that felt very sophisticated, and wanted it to be clear that they work with high-class yacht crews; to be more specific, “Superyacht” crews – professionals who work on large, luxury yachts. While the niche was very specific, the customer was pretty open to try something different with the layout.

We decided to use a one-page site design to display the top-level information in a clean, modern approach, balancing out the layout with dark images of mega yachts and large sections of white and light blue. The large sections with lots of negative space help the user identify the next actions. Overall, I had a lot of fun developing the classy vibe the customer was looking for. This was also the first one-page site design that I did, and I enjoyed working on the responsiveness.

This site won an award at the 2014-15 Canton ADDYS.

Flagship Superyacht site design