Artemis Precision Search Website

As part of Top Echelon’s Web Design Team (at Patriot Software), I was the lead designer and developer on this responsive website for our customer, Artemis Precision Search.

This customer wanted their new site to give them credibility as a boutique executive search firm located in the Washington DC area, that works with clients across the nation. They hoped the website would help them appear professional, but also approachable and personable. To accomplish this, we combined black and white photos of Washington DC with bold colors and simple graphics that relate to their company logo. Likewise, we combined a simple, condensed sans-serif font with a more traditional serif font.

The user is first greeted with a contact form on the home page, to get the conversation started as soon as possible. As for the inside pages, we created two different layouts to better suit the content of each page; on pages with less content, we utilized a unique half-page approach.

Artemis Precision Search screenshot
Artemis Precision Search screenshot of an inside page