American Medical Website

As part of Top Echelon’s Web Design Team (at Patriot Software), I was the lead designer and developer on this website for our customer, American Medical Personnel Services.

The customer wanted a refreshing site design that showcases the various medical positions they recruit. We decided that a one-page layout would be a nice, fluid way to organize their relatively small amount of content. There aren’t many elements “above the fold” on purpose – the main goal is for job seekers to use the search bar to enter the job board.

I tried out something really different from our typical sites: a really subtle menu on the left side, that slides out and becomes more legible as the cursor hovers over the area. It stays fixed as the user scrolls, and the “is-selected” class changes as each respective section of the homepage is in view. It took some time to get that to work, but I think the result is a unique and successful approach.

The overall design feels very patriotic and traditional, using serif headlines, striped elements, and soft imagery.

Visit the site

American Med site design

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