A Work in Progress: The Point of This Blog

Like many others, I’ve thought about starting a blog for a while now. It’s not that I day dream about being a writer; it’s not that I hope my voice will be heard by the world; in fact, I’m not sure if anyone will ever read this. It’s the simple fact that I’m convinced that having a blog will help motivate me to practice more – practice designing, and practice writing. And what better time to start than the new year?

The main goal of my website it to share my professional design work with the world in hopes of, well, looking professional. With that being said, I feel like my website will never be exactly where I want it to be. For starters, I admit that I designed my “logo” pretty quickly and with an emphasis on my first name because I knew I would be changing my name when I got married. And then there’s the theme itself – by now, I could do much better with a more customized look.

So, it’s a work in progress.

A picture of my messy desk at home.
Getting bursts of creative energy at 10pm – why not start a blog?

I’ve realized that designers tend to be afraid to share work with others until it’s at a place they’re really happy with. Sometimes we’re just afraid of judgement. I know I’m guilty of this and I’m working on it – by asking for opinions earlier on in the design progress to get useful feedback. But why are we so afraid to appear imperfect? Why can’t we admit that everything we do is a work in progress?

Anyhow, I’ve realized that I have a lot of design work that I would like to share with others but don’t consider good enough to put in my portfolio. That’s where this blog comes in! I want to make an honest effort this year to do more side projects that I’m passionate about, without the question of “will this be good enough to put in my portfolio?” – because I often feel this thought cross my mind when I sit down to start something new. I need to create more art and design for the sake of creating. And I need to practice writing for the sake of writing.

Sure, everything has been done before. But the truth is, no one’s voice is exactly like yours.

Awhile back, I read a really good article about self-motivation, and I wish I could find it so I could share it! The author pointed out that the main reason many creatives don’t start side projects is that they’re afraid their ideas have already been done. For example, starting a a design blog – why put in the effort when I know that there are already thousands of them out there? Or, having an idea for a funny card – I’m sure someone has done this before. I don’t want my designer friends to think I’m copying them. We need tell that inner voice to shut up, and design for the sake of design. Stop being afraid of making mistakes. How else will you improve? And sure, everything has been done before. But the truth is, no one’s voice is exactly like yours.

Who knows what you can create after you sit down and actually try a few things out? At the very least, you’ve gotten to practice.

So, here’s hoping for a year full of work in progress!

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